What we do

What we do:

Mjolnirtraining is a team of like minded individuals who want to offer training, education and gear to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Our offerings range from training plan creation, personal trainer or training facility recommendations, over high quality workout kit, to hands on personal training and much more. Be sure to check out our program and products links.

We want to provide a “one-stop-shop” platform for trainers, athletes and customers, bringing you information, product or a contact you need.


Logo & name:

Our name and logo derive from “MJOLNIR”, Thor’s ancient hammer, who also stands for strength, power and accuracy. Once thrown, the hammer would crush whatever it was thrown at and would never miss.


Training philosophy:

We believe in wholistic, no-nonsense fitness. The individual has to be trained and educated both physically and mentally to reach higher levels of work capacity, power output and efficiency. In exercising, in nutrition and in psychological preparedness. We want to provide our customers an approach that touches all aspects of fitness and life.

No- nonsense honest training regimes, proper nutrition and recovery are the pillars we build on. We incorporate functional movements, gymnastics, mobility, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning to reach the highest levels of favorable adaptation in each individual.

Tell us what your goal is, and we will help you reach it.