3.0 RPM Speed Rope “Mjolnir”

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The 3.0 session is an elegant redesign of the rope that started it all off, revolutionizing the rope game back in 2012.  No one had ever put this much thought and engineering into a jump rope before, and the results show it. Still the toughest, fastest, most efficient speed rope ever made, the session is the foundation of our rope line up.  So whether it’s setting world records, getting someone their first ever double-under, helping an athlete crush a workout at their box, or propelling a games athlete to a win, this rope is ready for whatever you can throw at it, and could be the last rope you ever need to buy.. Disclaimer:

  • Don’t jump on concrete, asphalt, or other rough surfaces or the cable will fray.
  • Only jump on rubber gym flooring or other similar smooth surfaces and the cable will last. :)
  • It may sting (a little) when it meets bare skin, so probably best not to jump barefoot… or naked.
  • Don’t use cable as a weapon… seriously.
  • And of course, “don’t double-under angry”.

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blue, grey, rot, schwarz


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